Blacksmith Websites

Blacksmiths who write Software

Literally that's who we are! Well, is a little more detail

Hey! Let me first introduce myself…my name is

Grant Stromgren

and I am a hobbyist blacksmith of about a decade, and a software developer and engineer for since the late 2000s.

I enjoy doing both thoroughly, and have been in tech start ups for the past number of years, also having found my own web design and hosting business back in 2016.

I have to admit though, I really, really, really enjoy working on blacksmith focused websites and ideas, and although I have created a few, I want to create even more!

So, Blacksmith Websites was born, as a way for me to speak directly with my blacksmith community and find out what I should be building.

Additionally, I also am looking to make myself available to others who may have ideas of their own!

Need our help?

We provide services to blacksmiths

In addition to our own websites, we would love to build yours too! Whether it's a simple ecommerce store or a full fledged application, we have the skills and expertise to guide you.


Not only do we love blacksmithing, but we also love creating software and mobile apps


We have current support clients who we provide technical and consultant support for

Web Hosting

Do you already have a website but don't like the service? We manage and maintain all of our own servers and web hosting


Our years of experience in the web industry, and our in depth knowledge of blacksmithing, we can help guide your vision